At Junction Church we want every child and young person to enjoy a wide range of activities and events in a safe and secure environment. Recognising that safeguarding our children and young people is everyone’s responsibility, this safeguarding policy has been implemented to help create such an environment and to demonstrate our commitment to work with you to maintain it.


Accessibility and Inclusion

We are fully committed to the nurture, protection and safekeeping of every child, young person and vulnerable adult and we recognise that we have people within those categories who will need extra assistance to help them feel included and cared for within the church family.

We make every effort to make our children’s work accessible to children with a variety of needs.

We liaise with parents to provide support for the child’s individual needs which enables them to access our children’s work in a way that ensures both parent and child are happy and confident.  Our building is equipped for disabled access.

We very much value the input of parents and therefore would invite you to come along and get involved in the group your child/young person is part of.

Safeguarding Policy

These guidelines together with “Safeguarding – Additional Guidance for Children’s and Youth Workers” and “Safeguarding – Additional Guidance for Elders, Trustees and Senior Leaders” make up the Safeguarding Policy of Junction Church  The legal definition of a child is someone under the age of 18.

Safeguarding Co-ordinator

Here at Junction Church we have a Safeguarding Co-ordinator specifically trained to work closely with the Elders and Trustees and the Churches’ Child Protection Advisory Service (CCPAS) to facilitate the safety of children, young people and vulnerable adults within the church. Our Safeguarding Co-ordinator is Nerissa Dean.

All safeguarding matters and concerns are to be addressed to the Safeguarding Co-ordinator.  If you have any concerns then please contact Nerissa at

The Elders and Trustees acknowledge that within Junction Church the needs of the child will always take precedence over any other consideration.

Working within the Children’s and Youth Activities

There are plenty of opportunities for members to become involved in working alongside us in our children and youth activities.

All people volunteering to serve in this way, whether or not they are parents, are asked to go through an application process prior to working within the children’s/youth work.  This reflects current governmental recommendations, which as a church we have adopted in order to create a safe environment for all. Our recruiter for those who want to apply to work with our children and young people is Natasha Baker. If you would like to apply to help serve our children and young people in some capacity she will be able to help you and she can be contacted by sending an email to